Weeknote 215-217

Before this turns into month notes i guess i should rip out a quick bit of prose. These past few weeks have been dedicated to bringing in new projects after finishing some big’uns. Luckily thats been turning out well. Starting next week were mostly busy again for the coming months. With perhaps some exceptions for small projects and front-end work, for which we still have some capacity.

Laurens showing off his Mindfuck Mondays sweater

Next week will be the third for our new intern Laurens. He’s studying computer science at the Haagse Hogeschool and turned out to be quite the spirited young fellow. We’ve put him to work on some tools for our fresh.li service but i wouldn’t be surprised to find him working on other projects too in a few more weeks. Like me he has a special fondness for side projects and might be one of the few interns i know who actually hired an intern himself to help him manage the weekly (!) dance events he organizes in The Hague (among other things apparently). Either way, the other co-workers seem to like him so he’ll do fine.

Awesome statues at Maurits van der Laar gallery

I’ve created a badge-monster by introducing Suzanne to Foursquare. Culminating in a mad rush to get the Warhol badge during past fridays Hoogtij rondgang. A pretty neat event at which you can tour a whole bunch of The Hague galleries during a single evening. For which, incidentally, Sylvia (our Automatique web designer) created the map that helped people find their way, and a temporary website while we wait for their current webmaster to return from foreign lands.

My intention to do more interaction design seems to have been magically picked up by clients with some work coming in to do both experience design for an upcoming live event and the wireframes for a new web project. Neither of which i can say anything about yet. Maybe i should come up with cool code names for them… i think i’ll go for project Harrow and project Cauldron. 

I can already lift the veil on next weeks weeknote a bit since coming friday we’ll be hosting another awesome /dev/haag meetup. The organizing took a lot less effort this time round with presenters quickly found and people signing up without much prodding at all. The line-up is once again looking great with Peter-Paul Koch of Quirksmode fame taking on the ‘keynote’ dubbed “The Future of the Mobile Web” followed by Marise Schot on designing for Happiness, Beer van Geer on brain-machine interfaces and Niek Kramer on the generated architecture flowing from his 3D printer. I personally think you’ll have fun when you come. And if you’d like to present too, get in touch, i think we can manage one or two more presentations.

Weeknote 214

I was a bit afraid i had to write another “almost there..” this weeknote but not so! This past week Liz & Vic launched into private beta during the Amsterdam International Fashion week. The second batch of invites has just gone out and the reviews of the goodie bag gifts has been positive. After more than a year’s involvement in this project i’m quite glad we now actually have something to show for it. Even if i will only be able to give invites to to the feminine part of my potential client base :)

This past week also saw the launch of the new Sandwich_ website, i’m especially pleased with the shop finder we created from scratch using the Google Maps API and the nice fallbacks for non-flash browsers (read; iPad). A nice little project that we’ll spend some time tweaking over the coming weeks.

With those two projects launched i find myself with a bit more time to spend on fresh.li again, and i guess i’ll need to start looking out for new interesting projects come february/march.

/dev/haag turned out really well. Seems we’ve managed to get a kick ass organizing team together. We got some great speakers and i think we creates a nice open and relaxed atmosphere. I hope we’ll see a few people return for the next event which is due the 25th of february. Do sign up for the next event, that we can keep you posted on the latest concerning speakers and other news.

Peter Boersma speaking at /dev/haag on UX

Moving pictures: this week was dedicated to Misfits, a very british SF comedy on some delinquents and a rather nasty electrical storm.

Printed letters: lost quite a few hours of sleep at night being immersed in The Atrocity Archives, the wacky spy/necromancer stories by SF favorite Charles Stross. It’s sort of a smart version of the BBC series Torchwood (if i was pushed to label it).